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Rupert told us in our exclusive anniversary interview that actress Stockard Channing is a hero of his. We can’t wait to see them together in It’s Only a Play.

Listen to the entire interview HERE where we get loads of new info about Moonwalkers and his upcoming Broadway debut. We also take a trip down memory lane with Rupert who, like us, can’t believe it’s been 10 years already.

Make sure you stop by our site these days - we are having a blast celebrating the site’s 10 year anniversary with all kinds of awesome stuff.

Check out our new birthday themed layout, learn a new fun fact every day, read about how the site has grown from year to year, read a new personal story from former and present staffers every day and of course vote in our polls. We also want YOU all to share your memories from these past ten years.

We can’t wait to share the rest of the Birthday Countdown with everyone, and we have definitely saved some of the very best for last. So stay tuned!

RUPERT-GRINT.US FANSITE // ICE CREAM MAN — Rupert Grint: Enemy of Man Kickstarter Success!

That’s right folks, we did it! Every fan from the ones who used social media to push the campaign, to those who donated just one dollar, to those who put forth as much money as they could. You all rock. Every fan whether you’re a Rupert Grint fan or a Sean Bean fan. Congrats to everyone who did their part! 

Enemy of Man - Feature Film

Only $30,000 to go and 10 hours to do it! Rupert felt so strongly about this film that he, along with the rest of the actors, starred in this movie concept in order to show off what the feature film could look like. Just $10 will get you a copy of said concept film. And better still, any physical reward that you choose can be increased by $50 and Rupert will sign it! How cool is that? 

We really recommend you look over all the rewards. There is concept art, posters, shirts, swords, and for $10,000 you can own a whole entire suit of armor! Let’s get it done!

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